WORLD GULET ASSOCIATION is a gulet cruise specialist that gathered entire gulet offer on 1 place. There are 4 groups of gulet cruise suppliers in the market. Please take a moment and read them carefully. This way you will get the best idea what WGA group is all about.

You can book your gulet cruise with:

normaly you might get the best price with them if you book directly - even this is not neccessary the case. Also there can be risks involved. You do not get any extra support but the one from the captain/owner. If something goes wrong, there is nobody to cover your interest. Also you have to know that every gulet owner is 100% sure his gulet is the best in the World so the descriptions can sometimes be a bit subjective. We know which gulets provide best quality for the price and are on the "Safe Side". And we are very happy to reccomend them. 

2) LOCAL TRAVEL AGENCIES FROM DESTINATION: they control their location perfectly. Bodrum agencies, Marmaris agencies, Split agencies, Athens agencies or others are usualy best experts in their field, have all the knowledge of every gulet they work with, about the crew on gulets and about single situation of every gulet owner. They are organization and information moguls for what they are doing and they will do their best to help and assist you in any problem that might occur during your gulet cruise. Normaly they could give you best prices for the gulets they are working with and controling in their area. Best local operators are also very good partners of WGA and we know exactly which local operator serves certain clients THE BEST. Some agencies are super good for SUPER DELUXE gulets. Some have incredible deals on cheaper boats. Some agencies have special routes for hiking groups, huntersm religious tours, etc...The main point is to know which agency to adress for what kind of inquiry.

3) HUGE WORLDWIDE TOUR OPERATORS: gulet cruises are just a smal portion of their huge offer. They are usualy marketing everything from cruises, hotel accomodations and trips from all over the world. They usualy have very nice packages for cabin charter, including flights to destination, while private charter is normaly not covered very well. Lots of times WGA supplies offers and deals to biggest tour operators who do not have time to collect all gulet info.

4) OUTGOING TRAVEL AGENCIES IN COUNTRIES FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD: this are agencies situated in your country offering gulet cruises and sending clients to gulet cruise destinations.Usualy gulet cruises are only 1 part of their large offer. They can give better safty and local support as booking with locals directly. WGA has a large net of outgoing travel agency partners, which can make your boking more comfortable. They are also using huge WGA support for delivering best value and services.

5) WORLD GULET ASSOCIATION: has gathered all offers from gulet owers and local travel agencies from all gulet cruise destinations. WGA is 100% gulet cruise oriented company covering interest of clients and offering also extra support and safety when boking a gulet. We monitor the market with the help of our extensive local partners and gulet owners which allows us to offer the best deals that exist in the market all the time.  


What are the main advantages FOR YOU when working with WGA?

1) you will save tons of time.

2) you will get best possible advice on gulets.

3) you will get the best possible deals, from the partners we know can serve you better then others

4) and this means you will save money and get betetr satisfaction from your holidays.