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The essence of a gulet cruise is in the experience. It is in the level of relaxation and enjoyment. It is in the amount of fun and the unique encounters with some of the greatest natural sceneries the world has to offer. A gulet charter is the true meaning of a holiday.

World Gulet Association is connected with hundreds of gulet owners, tour operators and local agencies - all specialized in Blue Cruises. Our sales advisers have cruised on gulets on several occasions and they know the destinations, gulets and all the partners.

What this means for you? It means that you will always get the best possible advice (from sales experts that cruised before and know what matters), great info (we know what people need and we are well prepared and best possible deals (we know which owners and which local agencies have the best deals according to your wishes).

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- Blue Cruises have a higher percentage of satisfied customers than any other vacation experience. The hassles of an ordinary vacation are completely eliminated. A Blue cruise is one convenient package. You don't have to worry about making dinner or nightclub reservations, running to make flight connections as you travel from one destination to another, or packing and unpacking.

You can lie back and be completely pampered. Dine like never before overlooking the sea every time. Let your cares float away completely!

Discover all the excitement of a vacation on board a Blue cruises vessels. Below you can find all the info you need for your gulet cruise holidays.



"You haven't lived untill you've cruised"!

"Gulet cruise was one of my most memorable holidays ever. Erhan the cook did incredble things for us and I do not remember any holidays where I did not have to walk to get to the beach and bring tons of toys for kids with me while searching for the best spot. I had all this traveling with me entire week. We are coming back next year!" - John Smith