Book your trip

When you decide you wish to book your cruise, the rest is easy. All you have to do is leave all the organization to WGA or its partners and relax without worries.

Here are gulet cruise steps that you will have to make to get to your dream gulet cruise:

STEP NO.1 - Reservation
For a reservation you have to supply all the information’s for reservation holder. This is exact name, address, e mail, phone number and mobile phone. In order to secure your reservation you have to pay a deposit of 40% from charter price of your gulet and sign a charter contract with all the necessary info provided from your agency.  

STEP NO.2 - General terms
Renting a gulet is a lot bigger organization then renting a room in hotel. So also special general terms and conditions apply. WGA has for that reason prepared a special TERMS, which are very often used in GULET CRUISE industry.
You can read general terms and conditions for clients here.

General terms offer huge safety towards clients and also some protection towards gulet owners and are proven in practice as the best terms currently in the market.

STEP NO.3 - Preference list
5 weeks before departure, you will recieve a preference list, where you will find a questionarie about all your wishes and requestes for your gulet cruise. Preference list gives an owner the best insight informations how to prepare for your arrival. Inside you will find preferences about food, activites, transfers, alergies or anything else there is to know regarding your holidays.
You can see an example of a preference list here. 

STEP NO.4 - Travel documents

After you send a preference list and final payment is made, you will receive
     - Voucher, with all specified services you paid for
     - Travel documents with all the info about destination, contact numbers and procedures on board
     - Ship rules that apply for cruises
     - Questionnaire about your gulet cruise and empty envelop, where you will write your thoughts on your holidays without owner or representative being able to check it out. We like honesty and privacy so this is anonymous.
     - The list of all optional extra activites you can do during your gulet cruise

STEP NO.5 - Arrival of guests and gulet cruise support
when your plane will land at your gulet cruise destination, our representative will be waiting for you with the table and your name written on it.
You will be transferred with air conditioned VAN directly to your gulet. While the crew will take care of your luggage, you can enjoy nice welcome drink on board with your captain.
After that the crew will be presented to you, ship rules and safety procedures will be explained and other check in procedures as your crew list, preference list, itinerary and other things concerning your gulet cruise will be made.

After that all you have to do is relax the way you know best. During your cruise, we offer you support for any request you might have 24/7.