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Planning a gulet cruise vacation involves many decisions. One that seems to be the most difficult is choosing the gulet regarding the size and the comfort of cabins. Looking at gulet cruise ships everyone has its own unique story and accommodation standards. How does one go about choosing the gulet cruise ship that has perfect cabins for their budget and lifestyle?

Cabins on gulet type ships - general information
People that usually travel from destination to destination in different hotels and are used to spend a lot of time in their rooms, could be disappointed when they will see their cabin on a gulet. But this is the only disappointment they will get, and also this disappointment will not last for more than 20 minutes. Gulet type ships are not huge cruise liners with 1.000 and more cabins on board. Most of the gulets have from 5 to 10 cabins and can accommodate from 10 to 24 people on average. Gulet ships are not huge "football fields" traveling around, but we like to compare them to smaller boutique hotels on water. And man! This has a lot of advantages.

Cabins & Categories

All cabins on gulet ships have their own shower and toilet and most of the time double queen or king size bed. The size of cabins and size of equipment in cabins is different and they depend on the category of gulets. On economy gulets, cabins usually have double beds, with enough room to comfortably sleep inside and to storage your luggage normally. Standard gulets, already have a bit bigger cabins which are more or less air conditioned, while with higher categories, also cabins are getting bigger and more luxurious.

Services on board

Either you pay 50.000 € for your weekly charter or you book a standard type gulet for 6.000 €/week for 16 persons WGA keeps general standard services on all trips. On all gulet type ships you will get the services specified below.

Check in Formalities
     a) the crew will take care of your luggage when you arrive to gulet
     b) the captain and/or representative will show you all the rooms and introduce you to your crew
     c) during your welcome drink party, you will comfortably discuss your holidays expectations and double check the preference list

Gulet Cruise
     a) owner/representative or captain will offer you 24/hour support for all your wishes and they are all time connected to WGA head office reporting what is going on
     b) your cabins will be cleaned every day
     c) bed sheets are changed minimum 1 time in a week (usually more depending on the luxury of the gulet)
     d) you have bathroom towels and sun towels always included in price
     e) you can spend your nights either on anchor away from crowds or check different city or harbor every day/evening and also spend the nights there
     f) the crew will always consist of a enough people able to cook and serve your food and safely bring you to your next destination. Higher category gulet is, more crew there is usually on board.
     g) Water sports: most of the gulets are equipped with water sports possibilities. This can be canoes, ringo rides, waterskiing, windsurfing or even JET SKI on more luxury type gulets. All gulets have a set of board games and some masks and snorkels

Check out formalities
     a) before you check out the captain will always ask you to fill the crew report, which will give us the best feedback about your gulet holidays
     b) we will make sure your transfer back to airport, hotel or your car will be as smooth as possible.
     c) You will leave your trip full of nice memories and with a nice souvenir to remind you on best holidays you ever had



Deluxe cabin

Luxury cabin

Standard cabin

Economy cabin


Services on board will be provided by professional crew: