Define your needs

Gulet cruise organization is all about your needs! There are over 500 gulet type ships available for charter and more then 80 different itineraries, where you can enjoy all kind of different services and make all sorts of arrangements. The list of activites you can do during your gulet cruise is endless.

You can follow this proceedure, whe nsearching for best gulet cruise holidays:
1) browse all available ships and find the one you like the most
2) when you find the right gulet, check all itineraries and decide which one you like the most
3) after that we define what you like to do on your gulet cruise and organize everything up front

Then we double check everything and you have your dream holidays.......maybe!

On the other hand, you can do it other way around!

If you specify your needs in details then the action will be as following:
1) WGA team will check the most apropriate ships for your group with the help of our partners
2) WGA will offer you the best possibilites along with itineraries which might work the best for you
3) we will also prepare suggestions for your activites during your cruise
4) we will make sure you get the best services for lowest possible price


In order to truly offer you the best possibilites, we need the following informations from our clients:
1) WHAT SIZE: gulets range from 15 and up to 45 meters in lenght. If gulet is bigger with less cabins it means you will be more comfortable. On the other hand, some people prefer bigger more comfortable gulets, while other prefer smaller and newer gulets. 

2) HOW MANY CABINS: you can choose gulets that have from 2 and up to 20 cabins on board. Some people like more cabins and use them as single cabins, some people prefer something special for the children on board. There is a lot of cominations possible, so if you tell us how many cabins you need minimum, it can narrow the search for quite a lot. 

3) WHICH DESTINATION: you can cruise several destinations, so it is important you tel us what you prefer. If you do not know, we will give you first general info about all countries, what you can expect, and this will give you great info what might be better for you.

4) WHICH CATEGORY: gulets are available in all categories and price ranges, from 300 €/person/week in low season, and up to 5.000 €/person/week on some of the best gulets in the world. We have something for everybody. You can choose between this categories:
     a) Economy: budget up to 450 €/person/week
     b) Standard: budget up to 790 €/person/week
     c) Luxury: budget up to 1.500 €/person/week
     d) Delux: budget up to 2.400 €/person/week
     e) Best gulets in the world - budget from 2.500 €/person/week

5) WHICH DATE: it is important for us to know at least aproximate dates of your travel. You can give us at the start info only regarding the month you are interested in and we will prepare for you general offers, which will become exact when you specify the dates. Also if you give us exact dates, you should specify how flexible are you. Sometimes some deal is realy incredible, but not available in your date. We should know if this would be fine for you on some other date also, or we search for other alternatives then. 

6) HOW EXPERIENCED ARE YOU: have you ever traveled with gulets before? This might sound strange peace of information, but it is important regarding how we design our offers towards our clients. If you are experienced gulet traveler, then the offer will be made in more simple fassion, with the stress on more gulets and different possibilites. If you have never traveled with gulets before, we will give you offer with more general information about gulets in general and also the entire procees will be standardized so it is easier for you. If you have on the other hand traveled with gulets, but in other country, we will prepare an offer with more info on the new destination you are interested in.

If you provide us with this information, we will handle the rest.