Croatia Cruises

Croatia Cruises: 152 motor sailors. 53 gulets. 25 routes. Lots of different categories. How to choose the best one?

Croatia Cruises are one of the most attractive ways how you can spend your holidays. Every day different towns, places and beaches. Great food. Cold beer. Quality wine. But the choices are trully huge.

In Croatia you can either rent a cabin or you can decide to rent a gulet in Croatia and travel on 100% custom made itinerary.

Lets name just a couple of them and list a couple of partners, that work with WGA:

1) In Croatia there is 53 gulets that can do charter. And several of them provide guaranteed Croatia Cruises cabin charter departures. Gulets have from 4 and up to 8 cabins and are very nice options if you wish to avoid mass tourism and if you do not like bigger groups.

2) Touroperator ID RIVA Tours has more then 20 ships and organizing cabin charter cruises form Reka, Trogir and Dubrovnik. They have several categories and they will also always give you the name of the ship where you are booking a cabin.

3) The big rival of RIVA Tours is company Katarina Line, with more then 30 ships also. This are all motor sailors, that can accomodate from 25 and up to 40 persons. They mostly offer no name possibilites and you can book either B category (only cabin without shower and toilet), A Category (every cabin has its own shower and toilet and usually also air condition) and A + category (bigger better and newer ships). Departures form Reka, Split and Dubrovnik.

4) Several other operators (mostly from Dubrovnik), who have a combined fleet of more then 30 ships also together.

5) Lots of owners of motor sailors also promoting themself.


How can we help you in your search?

It is easy. We have availabilites and we are very efficient in finding the best ships that are available at the time. 

It is also usefull that we know almost every ship in the market in details so we know what we can suggest you and why. 

All you have to do is SEND US INQUIRY NOW and our sales representatives will check the market for you and get back with proposals in fastest possible time. 

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1) Rent a cabin on a luxury gulet.

2) Rent a cabin on a luxury motor sailor.

3) Rent a cabin on standard motor sailor.

4) You can rent from Reka, Zadar, Šibenik, Trogir, Split and Dubrovnik.

5) Prices from 500 €/person - 1.400 €/person/week.