Food & drinks

You'll be truly amazed at the amount of gourmet and casual dining possibilities you'll find onboard a gulet cruise. Gulet can be economy type of gulet with standard accommodation, but the menu you will have can still totally take your breath away!

Chefs on board of gulets are used of receiving standing ovations while they are bringing all the food to your food. Forget the lines in restaurants, searching for free table and smells of food from the kitchen. Here you will have your own waiter, table on deck with a sea view while the experience of dining “al fresco” is truly unique – this way the food tastes even better!

Daily menu example (Turkey)

Breakfast Buffet

Continental-style breakfast including: Fresh seasonal fruit, Bread, Cereal, Yogurt, Cucumber and tomato Turkish salad, Assorted local cheeses and sausages, Mediterranean olives, Honey, Assorted jams, Butter
Made to order: Eggs, any style Buttermilk pancakes, French toast
Beverages: Fresh-squeezed orange juice, Coffee/Tea, Milk, Hot chocolate

~ Lunch Menu ~ (day example 1)
Assorted cheeses
Specialty Pasta
Mixed green salad
Watermelon on ice

~ Lunch Menu ~ (day example 2)
Dolma (stuffed peppers, squash and eggplant)
Börek (baked pastry dough with cheese)
Bean salad
Fresh seasonal fruit

~ Dinner Menu ~
Roasted Eggplant Salad
Sea green beans
Grilled shrimp
Grilled calamari

Mixed green salad

Main entrée
Line Caught Grilled Fish
(catch of the day, soy sauce, garlic, parsley, white wine, spices)

Fresh seasonal fruit or chef’s selection

Food planning starts already before client’s arrival on a gulet. Before the guests arrive to a gulet (for private gulet charters) they receive a "preference list" where they put all the references about the food.  Upon arrival to gulet the chef will stock the yacht with food and other provisions regarding client’s exact wishes. Main shopping is done at the port of embarkation. During the charter, additional shopping is made at ports where the ship will be stopping for fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, etc. depending on the needs of your group.

The costs of food depends on clients wishes and wearies from 140 €/person/week and up to 490 €/person/week for ultra luxury menu with lots of fish, lobsters and other VIP highest quality of food imaginable.
These price include breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea (dinners are optional) and some drinks (tea, coffee, water served during the meals). All other drinks (soft or alcoholic) are available on board at extra cost. Clients can also take full board accommodation and supply their own drinks on board or take an all inclusive possibility or buy the drinks from ships bar at reasonable prices.



Food on board of gulet