Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Blue cruise?

Blue cruise is not an ordinary type of holidays. When you go to hotel the conditions are more or less the same every time: you rent a room, you have half board, full board or ALL INCLUSIVE packages included in price and you know how you will spend your time and money in the hotel.

When you decide for a BLUE CRUISE HOLIDAYS many things are similar, but there are some special features we would like to bring to your attention. The booking effort might be a bit bigger as when booking hotel but the reward is HUGE. You will remember blue cruise forewer.

Choosing the right GULET CRUISE?

When choosing the right gulet blue cruise there are 4 questions you need to prepare your answers to:
1.What is your budget?
2.What destination are you interested in?
3.Departure date/period?
4.Number of passengers in your group

Once you know the answers, you have almost UNLIMITED OPTIONS. Untill now, you had to search several web pages and contact a lot of different suppliers. On all gulet blue cruise offer is gathered in one place. If you give us the information mentioned above, we will give you a couple of options that suit your budget, schedule, destination and the number of passengers in your group.

What do I get on a BLUE CRUISE?

Gulets are CREWED MOTOR SAILORS! This means that they usually travel on MOTOR, but they also have sails and most of them also have really good sailing capabilities.

You do not have to be scared. On a blue cruise there is ALWAYS a crew that will take care of your needs. The Captain will drive the yacht for you. The cook will prepare food for you and a waiter will prepare everything, so that you can only sit by your table as in a hotel and eat your food – AND THE UNFORGETTABLE VIEWS OF THE SEA ARE INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.

So, you do not have to worry about knowing how to drive a gulet, you will not have to cook, you will not have to serve food, you will not have to clean dishes.
All you will have to do is sunbath, enjoy, take some swims in private bays and not worry about a thing in the world..

How is the price calculated on a blue cruise?

For gulet cruises (for private yacht charters) the main price is calculated as CHARTER PRICE where FOOD is always considered as extra payment.

 Charter price ALWAYS includes:
   1. Fuel for maximum 4-5 hours of cruising a day;
   2. Crew (the number of crew members depends on the size of the gulet, the number of passengers, the price of the gulet);
   3. Insurance for the gulet, wages and food for the crew, service on board;
   4. Bed sheets;
   5. Bathroom towels.

FOOD is considered an extra payment. You can choose between HALF BOARD (breakfast, lunch), FULL BOARD (breakfast, lunch, dinner) or ALL INCLUSIVE (Full board + unlimited local drinks). Some gulets provide a choice-list of food you wish to have on board (in this case the charges for food depend on the shopping list we make together).

You can always choose from different menus: vegetarian menu, fish menu, meat menu, local food menu, super luxury menu, low budget menu...

If you decide for blue cruise cabin charter, then the price is calculated as price per person in double cabin, including full board or half board. 

Are there any extra (hidden) costs in addition to the charter price and food expenses?

Besides the mentioned costs, you have to consider some other costs as well. Some extra costs are COMPULSORY, while other only appear if you specifically ask for a service.

Transfers from airport to gulet and back: some gulets have this cost included in the charter price. If it is an extra payment, we will let you know about it when we prepare the first offer for you.
1.All drinks on board: if you do not decide for an all-inclusive package you will have to buy drinks extra from the ship's bar. It is usually not allowed to bring own drinks on board of a gulet, but because we have very good relationships with most of gulet-owners, we can also arrange that you bring your own drinks on board, especially in Turkey. 

2.Port taxes: in Turkey, port taxes ARE included in price, while in all other countries they are considered as EXTRA payment. Port tax costs depend on the route you have. If you stay every day in a different marina or town, costs for larger gulets can sum up to 1.200 EUR/week. On the other hand, if you overnight in wild moorings in some bays or isolated islands and enjoy the nature more, the costs of port taxes might sum up to less than 350 EUR/week. Average port tax costs are from 400 EUR to around 800 EUR per week.

3.On board activities: waterskiing, jet-ski, parasailing, professional diving, rafting, extra crew, such as hostess or masseuse, special trips to national parks… These and many other activities on blue cruise and can be arranged as NON-MANDATORY extra costs. If you wish to include any of the on-board activities, please specify this before departure and it can all be arranged.

Do I have to share cabins with the crew?

All gulets are presented with the information on the number of cabins each gulest have. This is the number of cabins – FOR GUESTS! Crew always has separate crew cabins, so you do not have to worry about that. Also, if you see a gulet boat that you really like, but has one cabin less than what you need for your group, contact us anyway. Sometimes gulet owners make special favors and they might be willing to lend the owner's cabin to clients.

Will we sail during the blue cruise? Do we have to pay for fuel we use?

Some gulets are great sailors, while some are not. Main traveling on gulet blue cruise is on motor, but you will also sail 2 or 3 times in a week. Some gulets however have really good sailing capabilities and they offer special SAILING programs. Fuel for 4 hour cruise/day is always included in the charter price. Owners will never look at their watch and remind you how much time they cruised that day. If you have a special desire for longer than usual routes, we will discuss it with the captain and we will inform you about the extra costs in advance.Blue cruises are all about flexibility.

What is the usual booking procedure?

Once you have realized that our gulet offer is really the best possible vacation for you, you can either search for a gulet by yourself with the help of our SEARCH SYSTEM or send us an inquiry with as much information as possible.

After that we will give you several offers, and you will decide in your group what suits you best. If for any reason nothing to your likes is found we will ask you for some more information about your wishes and we will make you another offer. Once we have found a gulet by your wishes, the procedure is as follows:

1. We make a NON OBLIGATION option with the gulet owner, so nobody can book this period once you have reserved it.
2. We prepare a contract between your group and our company and we send you also the GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS and the invoice for deposit payment.
3. After the deposit payment is made, reservation is fixed.
4. The difference has to be paid 1 month before departure.
5. After that we send you a PREFERENCE LIST, where you give us all information about the food you wish to have on board, about the route you wish to make and about all activities you expect on board so that the crew on board is 100% prepared for your group.

We wish you a nice Blue cruise!