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If you are interested in Gulet Charter and would like to know what are the possibilites - then here it is – FINALLY ALL ON 1 PLACE!

Not a lot of people ever heard about gulet charter holidays. And a few lucky people that do know about this type of holidays more or less think they are only located in Turkey. How wrong are they. Gulets are perfect escape and tool to take your mind off. 

While Turkey is the crandle of gulet charter holidays and it has the most different possibilites to choose from there are also other possibilites our there.

You can rent gulets in all these places:

You have more then 500 gulets that can be rented from Bodrum, Marmaris, Gocek, Fethiye or Antalya. You can find all sorts of gulets (from 2 and up 16 cabins max) and for all sorts of budgets. You can choose a cabin charter gulet cruise in low season for as little as 250 €/person/week or rent an ULTRA LUXURY GULET for around 80.000 €/week (or more)...or anything in between.

There are now more then 50 gulets available for gulet charter in Croatia. And you can find them also in several luxury ranges. Croatia is an amazing country (a little bit more expensive then Turkey) but if you decide to visit this country. You will not be sorry. The nature, the food and the beauty of islands and the sea is trully immense. You can rent gulets in Split, Dubrovnik, Trogir, Zadar or Šibenik. 

The number of gulets in Greece is also growing. The number of gulets is a bit smaller then in Croatia however Greece is very close to Turkey so you can also rent a Turkish gulet and you can cruise Greek islands with it. This grows the number of possibilities A LOT. Greece gulets are more on the UPPER ULTRA LUX scale, which means that if you would like to start the cruise in Athens do not expect low budget possibilites. Departures possible from Athens, Mykonos, Kos, Rhodes...

Italy has smaller number of gulets available for charter (around 25) however Italy is super interesting destination also. Do not expect low budget gulets also. There are several super interesting points for cruises in Italy and if you check them on board of gulet you will have an amazing holidays. Departures possible from Sicily, Sardegna....

There is also a small number of gulets available in these destinations. The number is not large, however the experience you can get there is special. If interested in these destinations let us know, and we will be happy to supply you more info.

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A gulet cruise guide to holidays of your dreams.

You can find all the info you need to know about gulets in general in links below. But at this point we would like to offer you some good advice.

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"Our family is one of those active travelers. It is truly booring to relax uner 1 tree all week and wait for something to happen. So every year we had to undertake huge travel plans to organize a couple of hotels and bus transfers in order to see as much as possible. It was fun - untill we found out about gulets! Here you do not have to pack your bags every time and moce from one stinking bus to another to get to next destination. Here entire hotel travels with you. Amazing fun and comfortable." Merry Jane.