Planing from 1-3

Gulet cruises are all about good planning. Gulet holidays organizations can be one of the most trilling experiences you have or they can turn into a real nighthmare. Imagine making a reservation plans and booking a trip for your family of 4 along with 3 more families that trust you to make the right decision. It is not easy to plan a trip for 2 persons, but when it comes to group organizations of 10 or 20 or even more people, we are talking about someting completly different. 

That is why at WGA we want to keep things simple. The booking proceedure is divided in 3 simple steps, making your holiday organization simple thing, not a stresfull experience.


step no.1 - Define your needs
step no.2 - Pick your ship 
step no.3 - Book your trip

After that it is all about care free gulet cruise experience.