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If you are interested in Gulet Holidays and would like to know more - then here it is – FINALLY ALL ON 1 PLACE!

If you do not know what gulet holidays are do not worry. Most people do not. In the flood of all sorts of travel possibilites gulet holidays are still quite unknown. And for you this is GREAT NEWS.

We will explain it as simple as possible. Gulet holidays mean that you embarg a gulet (usualy made from wood) and cruise with around 10 - 14 people on a 7 days route. On board you have crew (captain, chef and waitter) and you can either rent only 1 cabins and join other people...or you can rent entire gulet for you and your friends.

During gulet holidays you will see different places every day, you will propably gain a few pounds, you will swim and sunbathe and have a great time...mostly away from heavy crowds and mass tourism (unless you wish to do so).

So why it is good news that GULET HOLIDAYS are still now so super World Wide Known yet? Because they are still a butique holidays. They are special. If you go on this kind of cruise....YOU WILL BE SPECIAL.

Every time you will come home and show your friends  (who spent their holidays in some boooooring hotel) pictures where you have been and what you did there....they will be super yelous. 

Where can you spend Gulet Holidays?
World Gulet Association has more then 500 gulet type ships available in 7 destinations (Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Maldives, Montenegro and Seychelles).  And they are available for almost any budget or group. It can be either only 2 people going on a cabin charter cruise. 4 people renting 2 cabins gulet or 12 people (most common) renting a 6 cabins gulet.

We have gulets that can take up to 32 guests.

Gulet HolidaysGulet Holidays


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1) Gulet Holidays are not for everybody. We will help you determine if they are appropriate for you!

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