Seychelles market - gulets available for charter. - 29/06/2012

The Indian Ocean: an endless blue, shimmering expanse, stretching uninterrupted for miles. A few islands, like jewels, foiled by the white coral beaches stand out, trembling slightly in the sun’s heat haze. But for the gentle lapping of the waves against the hull and the hiss of the wind in the sails, all is silence and peace.

A beautiful dream? Possibly. A possible reality? Certainly - in Seychelles!

Beside Maldives you now have the possibility to experience also Seychelles as a dream destination on board one of our gulet cruise vessels. Motor sailors Sea Bird and Sea Shell will be the first vessels that will break the ice for WGA in Seychelles.

If itnterested to rent a luxury gulet in Seychelles send us inquiry now.



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