Is Turkey in WAR? - 03/07/2012

 We never discuss political issues as quite honestly they are none of our business. However several clients in last month asked us about this situation in Turkey.

You have to know something. Turkey is huge and amazing country with a population of well over 80 MIO people.

It is true. There were some problems between Turkey and Syria, however they do not effect gulet cruises or lifestyle in Turkey by one bit.

Turkish people take care of their tourism very seariously and they are making sure clients ALWAYS GO HOME HAPPY!

Wwe can say (first hand), that there is much much bigger chanche you will get mugged in Los Angeles rather than something will happen to you in Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek, Antalya and all the other places you have along Western coast of Turkey.

So NO NEED TO WORRY AT ALL! Go To Turkey. Enjoy your gulet cruise there and we are almost certain you will be back next year.


 If you are interested in Last Minute Gulet Cruises now is the time to act! published 25 best destinations in the World. Istanbul is no.7 on this list.