Night action

Sunny and fun-filled days on board of a gulet can only be rivaled by night experience. Enjoy a late dinner with a bottle of finest wines on deck, hit a different night club for some dancing – every night in a different destination, or just hit the mattress on the deck and watch million of stars above you surrounded only by the most amazing nature you can imagine. Sleeping all night on fresh night air is one of the best experiences you can ever have. All in all you'll never run out of things to do!

Gulet cruise & Night Life

•Visit different bars and night clubs. Every day you can have a party in a different destination, island or town
•Check out summer festivals – LOTS OF FUN
•Enjoy private parties on board, with your group of friends only in a company of nice guitar or a music selection of your choice
• Spend the night on deck, under millions of stars
• Have a late dinner and spoil yourself with the nice bottle of vine
• Take a walk through lively city centers of the most picturesque sea towns
• Go have a drink ashore
• Enjoy a nice shopping spree on local markets
• Have a refreshing night swim in the sea