Pick your ship

How to pick the right ship out of so many possibilities?

There are several different criteria how clients pick the best ship for their needs. Here are the most common ones:

1) PRICE PERFORMANCE: this is usually the no.1 criteria for most of clients. You check the gulet, see the technical details, pictures, services and you connect this with the price the gulet has. The best looking gulet for lowest possible price sounds like the most logical criteria. However a lot of times it is not the case. Sometimes 1.000 € more on a private charter cruise can mean huge difference in services you are provided with on board. So the lowest price does not always mean the best deal.

2) SPECIAL INTEREST CRUISES: are you traveling with families with small children? Are you a group of divers? You wish to explore medieval towns with a guide or you wish to enjoy a nice cruise with a nice masseur or masseuse? There are several different SPECIAL INTEREST CRUISES available. Some ships for example have younger crew which can perfectly support party groups and they do mind noise till 5 o clock in the morning. On the other hand some ships have a crew, which is specially trained for senior group. This can be huge factor when making a decision. If an itinerary, crew, food and services on ship are organized to fit your interest, then it truly pays off to pay a bit more.

3) MORE QUALITY & SAME MONEY: most people think this is same as price performance, but it is not. When it comes to price performance, it is the most important thing to pay less for the proffered category. In that case, the most important thing is the price. In this case, the most important thing is to get better luxury for same money. In first case clients check for best deal in gulets that have 3 stars for example. In this case, clients which to pay good money for 4 stars gulets, but get 5 stars services or gulets for same money.

4) CREW AND SERVICES: this is the most important criteria, which was sadly forgotten because of big discounts, last minutes and early booking procedures. Clients have to know, that quality is always connected with price! Yes. QUALITY IS ALWAYS CONNECTED WITH PRICE! The best examples are gulets, which have higher prices then market standards. Most of these gulets have most repeated clients which are coming back every year. So if we really recommend you a gulet, that is a bit more expensive, it is for a good reason.

When you go on a gulet cruise, the technical quality of the ship is only the third most important thing. When you decide for a gulet, the things you have to take into consideration from the most to the least important are as following:

So when you are checking the offers you received, you have to pay special attention to:
1) What kind of crew there is on board and how they fit your group.
2) What kind of food you will have on board. It is better to pick a bit cheaper gulet and upgrade it with more luxury menu.
3) Ask for ships that can take care of your group the most. If you are traveling with children, are you a group of seniors or you wish to party entire week? Inform your travel agent about your interest, and you will get the program fit for your group.
4) Till that point we will easily narrow your search down to a couple of choices. After you have points from 1 - 3 covered, pick the ship which best suits your budget and you have a winning combination.



Most important points when making a decision:

1) Crew on board

2) Services and food provided

3) Itinerary and organizations during cruise

4) Ship quality & Price


"During your cruise, you will not enjoy because of huge cabins saloon and incredible design. but because of great crew, food, itinerary and activites. The rest are just details".