What is a gulet

Gulet is a traditional design of a two-masted wooden sailing vessel from the south-west coast of Turkey, although similar vessels can be found all around the eastern Mediterranean. Today this type of vessel, varying in size from 14 and up to incredible 55 meters and are very popular for tourist charters.

You cannot sum up the description of gulets with the technical description of the ships, but you have to represent it like the sum total of relaxing atmosphere, wonderful scenery, excellent crew and great services.

Gulets are hand build to an ancient design but equipped with the modern interiors ready for a comfortable voyage. During the trip you visit remote spots along the coast full of ancient sites, beautiful coves and remarkable scenery.

Gulets are hand build by handy craftsmen. They are an ancient design type of vessels but totaly equipped with the modern interiors which enables a really comfortable voyage.

First gulets, built 30 or 40 years had an average size from 10 and up to max 15 meters. Then evolution took part, and gulets were getting bigger and bigger. With the popularity growth of "Blue Cruise" in the world, the demand started to grow with incredible speed. Nobody knows exact number of gulet type ships, but the number is close to 2.000. Out of these, more then 500 or 600 are making charter services on very high standards. Most of gulets in these days are from 20 and up to 30 meters in length, with 5 to 8 cabins, but you can find any variety from 2 and up to 16 cabins, from low budget ships and up to super luxury.

CABINS ON GULETS: all gulets that are given for charter have showers and toilets in every cabin. Cabins are meant for sleeping only, so a bed, a toilet and a shower is all you need. But with the evolution of gulets, also cabins are more and more luxurious.
So now some cabins really look like the most luxurious penthouses with Jacuzzis, plasma TV´s DVDs and huge space.
However, remember that most important thing on your blue cruise is a deck space and the crew that will be providing your services.

DECK:  Out on deck, there's plenty of space for sunbathing along with a covered dining and cushioned seating area. Most also have a spacious indoor saloon/dining area. The foredeck makes a large sun bathing area and the huge aft deck provides a shady cushioned area for relaxing and eating al fresco.

SALOON: The saloon is usually fitted with a bar, and has also dining facilities, even thought guests usually eat outside on deck. In most of saloons you can find a TV with DVD, and air condition.




1. Classic Mediteranean vessels refit to modern design.

2. Motorized vessels that have sailing possibility.

3. You can find them in size from 15 and up to 50 meters.

4. Most common size is between 20 to 30 meters.

5. Generaly they have from 3 and up to 10 cabins.

6. All vessels are equiped with professional crew (Captain, Cook, Sailor)

7. They are available for charter for prices form 280 €/person/week and up to 5.000 €/person/week.

8. Avarage prices are from 500 € and up to 1.200 €/person/week.

9. Cruises usualy take part on weekly basis including food accomodation.

10. You can choose your own route, food and activites on board.

11. Also cabin charter possibilites on fixed routes are avaialable.

12. Every cabin has it's own shower and toilet, a lot of time also air condition.

13. There are more then 1.000 gulet type ships available for charter. Most of them in Turkey.

14. This ships cost from 50.000 and up to 10.000.000 €. Most of them are in 200.000 to 700.000 € range.

15. Main gulet centers are Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek, Split, Trogir, Dubrovnik, Zadar, Athens, Sardegna, Sicily, Male...