What is WGA

WORLD GULET ASSOCIATION is a large family of captains, agencies and local tour operators who are all involved in activities connected with gulet type cruises. They have all joined WGA focused on delivering the best value, quality and superior service.

Gulet cruise market is growing. This is the fact. 25 years ago there was very limited number of gulet type ships available. They ranged from 10 - 15 meters and were meant for more of a low budget gulet cruises. Nobody was really marketing these vessels, but the local demand proved to be huge. After that more and more gulets were being built, and from a bunch of small gulet type ships now there is an industry of more than 1.000 gulet type ships available for charter in several gulet cruise destinations.

WORLD GULET ASSOCIATION has seen the huge expansion of the product, and 9 years ago WGA Group Company was established for a reason to unite entire gulet cruise offer under 1 portal. As gulet cruises are still quite unknown in the world, one of the main objectives of WGA Group was to present this unique product to all people that never heard of the Blue Cruise before.

That is why WGA Group has 4 different sections:

1) MARKETING SECTION: for promotion of this unique product to general public. Giving all the info on 1 spot and giving the clients a real chance to explore everything about gulet cruises in most simple and easy way possible. 

2) AGENCIES SECTION: as it is very hard to make marketing worldwide one of the goals of WGA Group is to involve as much travel agencies from all over the world to start promoting this product in their countries. That is why WGA is offering entire support to agencies interested in promotion. We offer to agencies all marketing material, products, training, itineraries, packages and domestic support in every country where clients might be interested in this product.

3) GULET OWNERS & LOCAL AGENCIES SECTION: The well over 500 Gulet owners and 80 different local travel agencies work well with WGA to ensure 100% local support for their respective countries through the cruising industry. These partners keep WGA well posted all year long on the best possible deals in their markets. Only with such information and the help of the partners it is possible to present the best offers for entire market, all the time - ON 1 PLACE.